Presentation GuidelineS


PEDG 2020 - Virtual event is coming soon, and we would like to express our appreciation for your valuable contribution to PEDG 2020. After successful uploading of the final paper please find the presentation instructions below.


Oral Presentation

  • The authors of the papers, accepted for oral presentation, are kindly asked to prepare a presentation file according to the oral template. Detailed instructions for live presentations will be published on time before the event. The first thing now is to prepare and upload your presentation.

  • Each oral presentation is limited to 20 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of Q&A, and thus the presentation slides should not exceed 20 pages.

  • Authors are required to upload the presentation file and presenter's biography in the Submission System latest September 27th. Your live presentation will be recorded and available to participants after the conference.

  • If you are unable to attend the virtual conference live stage, please inform us in advance and prepare and upload you video presentation for on-demand viewing using Submission System no later than September 27th. Maximum duration of such prerecorded presentation is 15 minutes. Instructions for the preparation of video presentation you can find here.

  • Presenters are required to be logged-in virtual event session exactly at the start of live session to be promoted to presenter status. 

Poster Presentation

  • As PEDG 2020 will be organized as a virtual conference using ExOrdo digital platform poster presentation should be prepared as short presentation up to 6 slides where only the main idea and results of the proposal should be presented, according to the poster template. Such a presentation should be additionally accompanied by a short video/audio explanation of the presented results in maximum 5 minutes duration. Instructions for the preparation of video presentation can be found here

  • Both presentation and video/audio file should be uploaded through Submission System no later than September, 27th 2020

  • Poster sessions will be organized as off-line virtual event and scheduled on the first conference day. 

  • Poster sessions will be opened as scheduled, communication between authors and participants will be possible through Q&A option. Authors are kindly asked to be ready to answer on questions in a reasonable time. We understand the time difference problem of course. 





PEDG2020 Virtual event address is 

We kindly ask all PEDG 2020 participants to carefully read instructions for Attending an event on a Live Stage. The instructions are the same for oral session presenters and the atendees. The presenters should register at the event Live Stage exactly on time of stage opening, to be promoted to the presenter status.

All participants should also read Technical Specifications for Joining a Live Stage. We strongly suggest the participants to download Download Webex Events App before joining the event.

Participants who are not registered on ExOrdo system should do that before joining the virtual event. Creating an account is free on

You can explore conference programe on Virtual event site. The programe consicts of live oral sessions, on-demand oral session ans on-demand poster session.

On the first conference day, Monday, September 28th, we have interesting Tutorial program, consisting of 5 tutorials. After official conference opening (Tuesday, 2 p.m. CET), we have each day 2 Keynote speeches  . 


Important note: Registration for virtual event is based on e-mail address that was used during the conference registration process. However, those participants who have made multiple registrations/payments under the same name/e-mail address should provide us with additional names/e-mail adresses to obtain additional registration(s) for virtual events.